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Air Travel in Total Comfort…

   Swissair First Class, 1960s

Terror on Planet Nova…

  From the Movie ‘King Dinosaur’, 1955

   Watch the Movie Trailer on YouTube

Information Super Highway…

   Bookmobile, 1960s

Delicious Discovery!

   Home Entertaining with Calvert Reserve, 1961

Summer of Love…

   Coconut Grove Florida, 1967

Hibachi Cuisine…

   Outdoor Cooking, 1971

Game Night Choices…

   Milton Bradley Games, 1974

For Your Shopping Selection…

   Container Corporation of America, 1969

Miami Beach Florida, 1939

Getting High in Government Circles… Art Buchwald, Paperback Book Cover, 1972
Jack Davis, Illustrator

Getting High in Government Circles…

  Art Buchwald, Paperback Book Cover, 1972

  Jack Davis, Illustrator

The Iceman Cometh, Jimmy the Ice Man That Is…

   Farm Security Administration (FSA) Housing Project, Hartford CT, 1941

At The Video Arcade, 1988

She Knows Its Flattering Fit is There to Stay…

   Swimwear made with Bri-Nylon, 1965


   Alligator Farm, St. Augustine Florida, 1952

Patio Play Space, 1960